Quit :)

Social media can get a bad rap sometimes, not least from me, but what an immense change it’s made to our lives. When I first moved to Greece I was completely cut off from what was happening in Australia. We had to write letters. We had to write them, post them and then wait for a response. Mobile phones were non-existent. Even regular phones were a patchy preposition in Greece at the time — it took me two years to get one.

Now, I wake up in the morning, reach for my phone and send “happy birthday” messages to the friends Facebook tells me are celebrating. When my eldest was studying in Melbourne, we kept in touch with Facebook messaging (“What’s English for kritharaki?” he texted once from the supermarket.  “Orzo,” I texted back.) My 18-year-old son was delighted the other day when he got a letter from the bank. He’s never received a letter, he said. (That’s not technically true, thanks to his godmother, but you get the gist.)

So all of that above is a rambling preamble to my main point — today Quit Victoria sent me an email to tell me I have been a non-smoker for 12 weeks, having saved $1,848 by not buying cigarettes. Yay, me. And thank you Quit Victoria for the regular emails to support me. That was the last email I will get from them, they said. Now, I’m on my own.

Ok.  We can do this.

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